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Personal Firearms Training
and Firearm Safety Training
for ages 5 & up.

Ohio Concealed Handgun License classes available.

Discounts available for church and corporate sponsored classes.
Classroom portion of training may take place at your facility.
(NO loaded firearms. NO live ammo.)

All courses taught by NRA Certified Instructors


"Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."

This simple little idea has saved countless lives throughout the world.

Fire extinguishers.  First-aid kits.  Smoke detectors.  AED's (Automatic External Defribrillators).

These are not items that we "use" everyday.  In fact, for each and every one of those items, we hope to never have to use them.

Why do we have them then, if we don't want to put them to "use"?  Because we know one very important fact of life...

Bad things happen.  Bad things can happen to any person, at any place and at any time.

We have these tools just in case we need them.  But each of these tools can do something that not every tool can do...

These items can save a life.

Each of these tools, however, is only good for a certain result for a certain event.
While a fire extinguisher can be used to put out a fire, it can't wake you up.  That's
what the smoke detector is for.  An AED, while useful for correcting issues with a
heart, does little for someone who is choking.

A first aid kit is a little more flexible.  It may contain numerous items that can be
used to treat or correct any number of life threatening problems one may encounter.
To be more prepared, one simply adds additional items to their first-aid kit.

But when the threat to your life or your family comes from another human being?

What then?  

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